My Sims 3 Families – Snapshots

Isla Paradisa, Hinni
Isla Paradisa, Hinni Hashini, my favorite sim to play with there.
O'Dourke - Ella & Carlisle
Liam & Ella O’Dourke – These two started my Supernatural family, Liam became a witch and Ella of course was my first fairy. They had two children, Marygold (fairy) and Herb (werewolf). I am now playing Generation 5. Pictures have taken a hiatus as Windows 10 prevents my game from generating its own snapshots. 😦
Tenderlove, Alanis & Shania
Alanis & Shania Tenderlove – These girls are from my celebrities families and are descendents of Barry Tenderlove & Jun Xu, who married and had four children, Barbara, Doris, Carl and Neil.  Neil married a Genie, Shantell and had three children, Shania, Alanis and Julian.  I am now playing Generation 7.
Tenderlove LeeAnn
LeeAnn Tenderlove is from Generation 5
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-1
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-1 . . .  if you peek thru the fence there and can just make out an elder gnome.
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-2
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-2
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-3
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-3
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-4
Tenderlove Gnome Antics-4
O'Dourke - Gnome Antics-1
O’Dourke Gnome Antics
Tenderlove - Bunny_Baby Gnome
Bunny Tenderlove ( previously an imaginary friend) – and Baby Gnome (not the best place for sleepy time :{
Tenderlove - daycare van glitch-1
Tenderlove – daycare van glitch-1
Tenderlove - daycare van glitch-2
Tenderlove – daycare van glitch-2
O'Dourke - maid-1
O’Dourke maid
Beaker Bronso - 1
Bronson Littler-Beaker (acquired from Bridgeport)
Beaker Evelina - 2
Evelina Beaker – Evelina is a descendent of Loki Beaker from Aurora Falls, He married Fjord Warbler and they had three children, Hanna, Bruno and Anton. Hanna became the heir.  She married Bronson from Bridgeport and had three children, Evelina, Johanna and Eric.  Eric became the heir and had four children of his own.  I am now playing generation 6.

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